Sunday, July 26, 2009


Last weekend we drove up to the foot of Mt. Hood to Windell's camp for Bonfire Snowboard's annual Pipe 2 Pipe contest ( Congratulations to HB team rider James Mccoy who took 2nd overall. For those who have never been to Windell's it is truly a dreamland, with all sorts of ramps, bowls, ledges, and hits located throughout the campus. (check it out at
we ran in to some long time friends and HB OG's (left to right: Ian McMarten, Jesse McMarten, and CP) Ian and Jesse are skate coaches at Windells, so if you need to learn to shred holler at them. I think Jesse needs an HB tee.
much better.
jamming through the forrest

indoor park action


Our good friend Patrick has been shaving ice all over Oregon this summer, just to keep you cool and refreshed. Here he is at the St. Johns Jazz Festival a couple weeks back. Keep your eyes out for BLOCK HEAD SHAVED ICE at a festival near you.


We went down to Eugene, Oregon a couple weeks ago to hang out with our good friends at Vagabond Skateboards.
get a grip...

2am beer run

brian took a slam on an epic 4am burrito mission. Thanks to Brian and Kurt Hester of Vagabond skateboards for the hospitality and good times.

celebrating the birth of the nation with HB

eating, drinking, .......
hitting things with sticks........
pool party......
well into the night.
good times were had. thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.