Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We hope to see you at the grand opening of our new home, the railyard pdx. There will be Art, Music, food by The Wrapture foodcart, Aerial Arts by Lindsey, and much more. It should be a grand night of celebration and we hope that you will be a part of it with us. We will have a few new shirts available and all old product will be on super sale.

the railyard pdx
4509 se 23rd ave,
Portland Oregon 97202
June 4th 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Fang video filmed at 521 Couch Street

Check out this video by Portland's own Red Fang and their single "wires", part of it was filmed above our old shop in our friend Jessica's old apartment on Feb 26th the same day we had Couchstock. It was definately a loud day from the start and police were called over during the filming by some of our favorite former neighbors. The building isn't much more than a concrete foundation and a heap of bricks now, but it's legacy will live on forever. Also please take notice of the drummer rocking a shirt from our favorite dirty little watering hole, the B-side (632 East Burnside Street).

On the note of carrying on the legacy of the Couch Street building, I am currently in the process of working on an independent film that was mostly film on location on Couch Street. Check back soon for a trailer and more info on The Couch Street Massacre.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A glimpse into the past and a little taste of the future.

R.I.P 521 Couch Street

Here's a glimpse into our new studio at The Railyard Portland. More info to come on the grand opening.

We got our very own dark room and a nerf hoop.

Thanks to the kind management staff at the Adidas Employee store for donating this mannequin to guard our shop against lurkers. Once we start making money we'll get some sweatpants for her.

We also got a pegboard to display all of our man tools.

Of course we still got the good ole hand me down screen press. We also have our logo on the wall like an evil corporation.

there's also a couple quarterpipes just outside of our door. It really makes coming to the office a hard decision.

Almost every sunset looks like this at the Railyard. Stay tuned, more to come.....need sleep gotta get to work early.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

geeee whizz where to start?

Last week was crazy, it took me about four days to fully recouperate from the hangover of excessive partying and moving our company. After the fog of party was lifted from me, I could only begin to think of Blogging the events of last week. Here's some visual documentation of the chaos that ensued at the end of February.

This is what HB looked like about 28 hours before Couchstock.

this is what HB looked like after Couchstock

This is the Dirty Digits playing at Couchstock

This is the empty setting up to play Couchstock.

This is the last shirt printed on Couch Street.

This is Couchstock from the street.

Through all the madness we found some time to move our industrial machinery into our new studio.

This is one of the last pictures I took of the inside of Couch Street, and if you look closely you just might see a "double rainbow"

This is a little video I made that sums up the events of Couchstock. Thank you to everyone who came out to party at Couch Street for the last time, Thanks to The Riot Siren and The Lovely Ladies of The Mighty Market, and thanks to all the bands that played; The Dirty Digits, The Empty, Gorilla Monsoon, Fist Fite, and Red Fang. Oh yea, upstairs neighbor, sorry we sent you into a late night psychotic rage, we just wish we could see the look on your face as you were screaming bloody murder at 3am, we hope to never see you again either.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is it,.......sigh
were getting the boot from the Couch Street building for good, and soon it will all be rubble,
which will be replaced shortly by some sad attempt to turn the central eastside into another Pearl district.
Here's to urban progress and development,
Come and party for the last time in the Hasbeen Design Dungeon,
in what will surely be an epic night for the books.
There will be live music,
maybe some snacks,
and some refreshments.

We are also lucky enough to have homemade dresses
by The Riot Siren
on sale for all of you lovely ladies and lady boys out there.
There will be music upstairs in Jess's apartment.
It is rumored that a local heavyweight metal band may or may not be playing and filming a music video there that night.
If the cops don't get called,
there may or may not be a late DJ set in the basement.
Thumbs up,
Let's do this.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Robb Perry Photography

Sometime near the tail-end of summer our good friend Robb Perry, his friend Paul, and myself embarked on a last minute skate mission to the bluffs in North Portland and stole the last bit of sunlight peaking over the west hills. Though I might piss Robb off by because he hasn't done any color correction to these photos, nor approved my layout, I hope he understands that I need something to blog about. So without further ado, Hasbeen Design Company presents advertisements #1 and #2, courtesy of Robb Perry Photography.