Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A glimpse into the past and a little taste of the future.

R.I.P 521 Couch Street

Here's a glimpse into our new studio at The Railyard Portland. More info to come on the grand opening.

We got our very own dark room and a nerf hoop.

Thanks to the kind management staff at the Adidas Employee store for donating this mannequin to guard our shop against lurkers. Once we start making money we'll get some sweatpants for her.

We also got a pegboard to display all of our man tools.

Of course we still got the good ole hand me down screen press. We also have our logo on the wall like an evil corporation.

there's also a couple quarterpipes just outside of our door. It really makes coming to the office a hard decision.

Almost every sunset looks like this at the Railyard. Stay tuned, more to come.....need sleep gotta get to work early.

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