Tuesday, March 8, 2011

geeee whizz where to start?

Last week was crazy, it took me about four days to fully recouperate from the hangover of excessive partying and moving our company. After the fog of party was lifted from me, I could only begin to think of Blogging the events of last week. Here's some visual documentation of the chaos that ensued at the end of February.

This is what HB looked like about 28 hours before Couchstock.

this is what HB looked like after Couchstock

This is the Dirty Digits playing at Couchstock

This is the empty setting up to play Couchstock.

This is the last shirt printed on Couch Street.

This is Couchstock from the street.

Through all the madness we found some time to move our industrial machinery into our new studio.

This is one of the last pictures I took of the inside of Couch Street, and if you look closely you just might see a "double rainbow"

This is a little video I made that sums up the events of Couchstock. Thank you to everyone who came out to party at Couch Street for the last time, Thanks to The Riot Siren and The Lovely Ladies of The Mighty Market, and thanks to all the bands that played; The Dirty Digits, The Empty, Gorilla Monsoon, Fist Fite, and Red Fang. Oh yea, upstairs neighbor, sorry we sent you into a late night psychotic rage, we just wish we could see the look on your face as you were screaming bloody murder at 3am, we hope to never see you again either.