Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is it,.......sigh
were getting the boot from the Couch Street building for good, and soon it will all be rubble,
which will be replaced shortly by some sad attempt to turn the central eastside into another Pearl district.
Here's to urban progress and development,
Come and party for the last time in the Hasbeen Design Dungeon,
in what will surely be an epic night for the books.
There will be live music,
maybe some snacks,
and some refreshments.

We are also lucky enough to have homemade dresses
by The Riot Siren
on sale for all of you lovely ladies and lady boys out there.
There will be music upstairs in Jess's apartment.
It is rumored that a local heavyweight metal band may or may not be playing and filming a music video there that night.
If the cops don't get called,
there may or may not be a late DJ set in the basement.
Thumbs up,
Let's do this.


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